About us

Central Iowa Figure Skating Club serves the Des Moines Metro area and Ames and is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting figure skating for individuals of all ages and all skating levels. The principal purpose of the club is to promote figure skating in Central Iowa and to encourage each member to achieve his or her highest potential in figure skating in a safe and healthy environment. The club also is dedicated to the education of its members and the general public on the health benefits of figure skating and healthy lifestyles.

We are a member club of U.S. Figure Skating. Our skating programs are designed to meet the needs of skaters of all levels, from basic to advanced. Our Skate with Us sessions are geared towards children and grown up who wish to master the basics of ice skating. We also offer group and individual lessons to help skaters hone their skating skills.

We are affiliated with Iowa’s premier ice skating facility – Buccaneer Arena. You can catch our skaters performing during hockey games.

Neva Performing at Buccaneer Arena

The club’s members must be registered with U.S. Figure Skating. Central Iowa Figure Skating Club does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, gender, age, disability and sexual orientation. The club is committed to providing equal opportunities and equal access to club activities.


Our Board is comprised of enthusiastic parents of young skaters (some of us skate, albeit a bit), who understand that creating a nurturing atmosphere is key to skater progress and enjoyment. We are dedicated to our children, the beautiful sport of figure skating and healthy lifestyles. We are also a very diverse group of people with different ethnic backgrounds who respect all cultures and strive to create an accepting skating environment for skaters of all ages.

Richard Harms, President (president@centraliowafsc.org)
Burton Powley, Vice President
Derek Etnyre, Secretary
Derek Etnyre, Treasurer
Elena Tobiash, Skate Director
Burton Powley, Membership Director
Mila Baskayeva, SafeSport Director
Rano Marupova, Test and Sanction Director
Dylan Perkins, Marketing Director
Tatiana Zubareva (Tanya), At Large Board Member #1
Brett DeBruyn, At Large Board Member #2

SafeSport Committee:

Mila Baskayeva
Brett DeBruyn
Burton Powley

Conflict Resolution Process:

If you experience a difficulty with another member of the club where you feel they have violated a club, PSA or USFSA policy, we ask that you start with CIFSC’s Conflict Resolution Process. The complaint must be filed within 15 days of the incident, infraction or discovery of the alleged violation. Once you have gathered all the requested information, it should be submitted to the club’s President, or if the issue is with the President, another club officer (such as the Vice President).

Board Minutes:

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